Crystal Palace 0 Man City 120

21/09 There has been considerable interest generated by the nugget that I tweeted regarding the continuing lack of Palace goals in cup competitions relative to Manchester City’s embarrassment of riches.

Michy Batshuayi scored Palace’s last goal in a cup match against Watford in the FA Cup quarter-final on 16th March 2019.

Crystal Palace cup results since March 2019

EFL Cup 

27th August 2019 Palace 0 Colchester 0 (lost 5-4 on penalties)

15th September 2020 Bournemouth 0 Palace 0 (lost 11-10 on penalties) 

24th August 2021 Watford 1 Palace 0

FA Cup 

5th January 2020 Palace 0 Derby 1

8th January 2021 Wolves 1 Palace 0

To put this into perspective, since 16th March 2019 Manchester City have amassed the small matter of 120 goals in the Champions League, the EFL Cup and the FA Cup.

The sheer volume of goals seems scarcely credible and a few have questioned the veracity of such a startling stat so to back it up, here is the list of those 118 City goals. The goals are divided into the three competitions against each opponent by calendar year since 16th March 2019. They have scored 56 in the Champions League, and rather neatly have scored 32 in both the EFL Cup and the FA Cup.

City’s goal glut started a few hours after Batshuayi’s goal with three against Swansea in the FA Cup quarter-final and has continued unabated all the way up to their 6-1 win against Wycombe Wanderers tonight.

Champions League [56]

2019 [20] 4 vs Tottenham; 4 vs Shaktar Donetsk; 6 vs Dinamo Zagreb; 6 vs Atalanta

2020 [18] 4 vs Real Madrid; 1 vs Lyon; 3 vs Porto; 6 vs Marseille; 4 vs Olympiakos

2021 [18] 4 vs Borussia Monchengladbach; 4 vs Borussia Dortmund; 4 vs PSG; 6 vs RB Leipzig

EFL Cup [32]

2019 [9] 3 vs Preston; 3 vs Southampton; 3 vs Oxford

2020 [14] 3 vs Man United; 2 vs Aston Villa; 2 vs Bournemouth; 3 vs Burnley; 4 vs Arsenal

2021 [7] 2 vs Man United; 1 vs Tottenham; 6 vs Wycombe

FA Cup [32]

2019 [10] 3 vs Swansea; 1 vs Brighton; 6 vs Watford

2020 [11] 4 vs Port Vale; 4 vs Fulham; 1 vs Sheffield Wednesday; 2 vs Newcastle

2021 [11] 3 vs Birmingham; 3 vs Cheltenham; 3 vs Swansea; 2 vs Everton

Furthermore, Palace will not be in cup action again until the Third Round of the FA Cup in January 2022. Before the end of this year, City have another five Champions League matches in the offing plus potentially two more rounds of the EFL Cup after Wycombe tonight. City have won the EFL Cup in each of the last four years. So there is plenty of opportunity to extend this extraordinary record even further. As City’s cup truly runneth over, Palace’s drought continues.

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One thought on “Crystal Palace 0 Man City 120

  1. A possible reason for my likely placing of The Eags in my p-a-l relegation slots I’m afraid Great news you’re on for Cornwall, chief, prompting me to try to trawl through my 80s diaries for past Cornwall highlights – trouble is it’s illegible without a magnifying glass. we’ll pay the full whack and sort money out once on hols who does cfc


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