World Cup Nuggets – Day 8

Canada joined Qatar on the cutting room floor and only France have confirmed their qualification so as Groups G & H finish their second round of games there’s a lot up for grabs. You can pick up a copy of the World Cup Nuggets book directly from the publishers, Halcyon or via Amazon 27 November COSTA RICA RESURRECTIONContinue reading “World Cup Nuggets – Day 8”

World Cup Nuggets podcast

Welcome to the World Cup Nuggets podcast, with more fun facts and stupendous stats about each of the 32 countries competing in Qatar. The next six episodes cover silky Senegal, strong Serbia, slick Spain, stoic Switzerland, tricky Tunisia and unbowed Uruguay. Listen out for the question that is set about every country at the end ofContinue reading “World Cup Nuggets podcast”

The Euros Last 16 – a fantastic feast of fulminating football.

At its very best football can be so enthralling and intoxicating to watch that it is actually exhausting. The perfect mixture for a match involves moments of high quality, high drama and even the odd bit of misfortune to provide a dose of reality amongst the dream sequence. There also needs to be a degreeContinue reading “The Euros Last 16 – a fantastic feast of fulminating football.”

First European Championships Finals match in 1960 set a record that has never been beaten

The opening matches of major tournaments are traditionally cagey affairs with neither side willing to risk too much so early on and consequently entertainment is often sacrificed for the sake of a solid, if unspectacular start. For example, in the last four European Championships there have been nine goals scored in total in those quartetContinue reading “First European Championships Finals match in 1960 set a record that has never been beaten”